Winters have often been considered to be the most “difficult” yet the most “awaited” season for many of you!! The vibrant ponchoos and the intricately done winter wool clothing are a candy to the eye,yet the season seems to be a little harsh to the skin though! The nature, you see balances it, by yet again giving you the opportunity to practice what is best for you! With all of us biding adieu to winter, it is important to undo the winter damage and welcome the bright spring with this daily skincare regime.

All you have to do is, take out time to follow these six golden rules:

1 . Switch From Heavy Butters To Hydration Products

With the winter stepping out, it still has managed to leave some dryness with us. So, remember you cannot just remove all the moisturizers from your dressing basket. Instead, it is time to swap the thick body butters with the range of hydration products. Yes, with the spring stepping in, introduce hydrating masks, hydrating gels and hydrating creams to your dressing shelf. Make sure you do not damage your skin any further by leaching out the leftover moisture too!


2 . Exfoliate and Shun The Damage

Are you able to spot the first layer of damaged skin on your face and areas around. Well, this probably is the winter damage. It is time to get rid of this. Gift yourself an exfoliator that shall easily shun off the dead skin and make your skin look healthier. Make sure you cleanse and scrub your face regularly to get the best results.

3 . Stay Hydrated 

Water water everywhere, but are you drinking enough of it. Promise yourself to keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water as you can. It will not only make you look healthier but also help you keep those extra kilos away. Include smoothies to your daily diets and drinks. Add skin healthy fruits such as apples, berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries), papaya, oranges and avocado to your fruit basket.

4 . Stepping Out? Layer The Skin With The Adequate SPF

This serves as a golden rule for the spring. Everytime, before stepping out, make sure you layer your skin with the adequate amount of sunscreen. It will not only protect your skin from the harmful sunrays which is detrimental for your health but also minimize tanning. It is important that you pick a higher SPF product depending on your skin type. However, be cautious and try it first on your wrist to check for sensitivity.

5 . Forget Not To Add Those “Hues”

It would be injustice, to not add those amazing bright colors to your look. With spring, as the season of peaches and pinks, add these subtle colors in the form of lipcolors and get the chic look. Team these up with the florals in your closet and enjoy the season!

So, you need not be sad with the winter bidding adieu. Instead, undo the winter damage and welcome the spring with wide open arms with these amazing skincare tips! Live Healthy…Keep Smiling !


-Apurva Bhardwaj